Data publikacji : 2020-07-09

The scope of the Bank Guarantee Fund’s activities and its potential for extension


The Bank Guarantee Fund (BGF) is a basic element of the Polish financial safety net. In recent years, the shape of its activity has undergone significant modifications. Therefore, questioning the completeness of the new BGF business model becomes justified. The purpose of the article is to identify fields in which the BGF’s activities could be developed. The Fund’s tasks were identified and then compared with the results of an analysis of 109 deposit guarantee systems around the world. Based on the international experience, several areas can be identified where the BGF’s operations can be improved. They include introducing the possibility of providing financial assistance to banks whose situation has worsened, increasing the level of diversification of investments made by the Fund, and strengthening the BGF’s information and education activities through a presence in social media.

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gwarantowanie depozytów, Bankowy Fundusz Gwarancyjny,, resolution

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Kozińska, M. (2020). The scope of the Bank Guarantee Fund’s activities and its potential for extension. Bezpieczny Bank, 79(2), 81–103.

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