Data publikacji : 2022-04-14

Banking System in Ukraine 2022: Before and in the Wartime


The article presents a study of the main determinants shaping the banking system of Ukraine in the 2018-2021 period, before the Russian invasion. In particular, the level of capitalization of the banking system, the number of banks in liquidation, the dynamics of assets growth and other indicators of the banking system were analyzed. Then the paper analyses the main measures introduced by the National Bank of Ukraine after February 24, when the Russian Federation started the war with Ukraine. These operational measures included: regulation of the foreign exchange market, ensuring the liquidity of the banking system, the operation of the electronic payment system and support for social benefits, the liquidation or preparation for the nationalization of Russian-controlled banks in Ukraine. The article also presents the  assessment of the financial situation in Ukraine, after the first month of the war.

Słowa kluczowe:

Ukrainian banking system, National Bank of Ukraine, banking regulation in the wartime, currency market, securing of the liquidity, bank liquidation and nationalization

Kody JEL

E58, F31, G18





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Druhov, O., & Druhova, V. (2022). Banking System in Ukraine 2022: Before and in the Wartime. Bezpieczny Bank, 86(1), 33–48.

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